Demoed Hacks

  1. Multi-LaPaVoMe-ASC (Best Design Award)
    • Team: Andy Christensen, Peter Abraham, Kimber Beachy
    • Description: Liquid Paint Voltage Measuring. To see how paint and water react to voltage.
  2. Subglacial Lakes (Best In Show)
    • Team: Ariel Waldman, TJ Rogers
    • Description: Created a publicly available list of all the known subglacial lakes in Antarctica on Wikipedia.
  3. Chocolate Cake Cryoconite Holes (People’s Choice Award)
    • Team: Pacifica Sommers,¬†Ariel Waldman
    • Description: How to create your own cryoconite holes using chocolate cake and ice. Lesson plan developed for 5th graders and aspiration to create a “Microbe Collector” game inspired by Neko Atsume.
  4. How Cold Was It?
    • Team: Mike Lucibella, Tim Lynch
    • Description: We took a NASA weather dataset and tried to make an “app” in Excel to give a person’s weather extremes during their date range (deployment).
  5. KE+PE (Best Hardware Award)
    • Team: Joe Wallis, Jen Law
    • Description: Concept of using wind energy to pump water to a reservoir to be used on demand for hydroelectric power.
  6. Whether Data? Seals (Best Use of Data)
    • Team: Mike Lucibella, Tim Lynch, Jen Rhemann
    • Description: We took the NASA weather dataset and correlated it with Jay Rotella’s seal tagging data focused on average annual temperatures.
  7. Weather Data! Snow Roads (Best Application)
    • Team: Kathleen Welch, Robert Kendall
    • Description: